Target Gift Card

The Target Gift Card has become an ideal present for many people, especially your friends and family. There are many options to choose from when the Target Gift Card is being used, but you also have to check the remaining balance in the card to make sure you can continue using it. You can either check the balance at the Target website or by calling them.  Follow the steps below to make sure you do the process properly:

Visit to access the gift card balance section of the website. Make sure you have your gift card with you because you need to enter the 15-digit code at the back of your card. In some cases, you need to take off the metallic strip on the card to see the number.

Below your card number is the PIN or the 8-digit access number, which you also need to enter on its respective field. Then, click on the Red button with “check balance” on it.

To call their automated phone service, call 1-800-544-2943 using your phone. An automated voice will assist you with the process. The transaction number for balance checking is 1, so press 1.

Listen to the instructions and follow them correctly. Enter the 15-digit card number from the 04 up the pound symbol. Also, you need to provide the 8-digit access number. When you have done so, the voice will tell you how much balance you have left on your gift card.

And you can also check more information about Target ehr Team Member Services portal at